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The e-commerce industry is ever growing, and so is the demands of the customers. The customers are now looking for the most perfect ever products and love to be compelled to buy a certain product. There are many online store builder websites that make it easier for people looking to create an online store.  The trend to conduct business online is on the rise and people all over the world and belonging to any socio-economic class are looking to become a part of it. There are many ethical dos and don’ts that should be followed when you are selling products online because, as such, there are hardly any strict and steadfast jurisdictions that have to be complied with and hence the capacity to make errors is high.  Since the websites allow users to build an online store with quite an ease, people opt for it. Below are some of the best online sites that can be used to create an online store, they are:

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  • Shopify: This is one the most favorite website that people opt for when they are setting up their online store. It has no transaction fees and there are many free features that are given as a complimentary signup gift. Shopify also offers the opportunity to remain connected with your customers 24/7 throughout this helps the sellers stay in touch with their consumers. Shopify also has an additional feature which all other online store builder sites do not have and that is the facility to connect your offline store POS terminal with the online store’s sale.
  • BigCommerce: This website is also quite popular amongst the sellers. There is no signup fees. The site offers its customers the option to revisit their cart and continue their purchasing process without re selecting the things they had done before.
  • Wix: This website also has no transaction fees. The site offers email feature and also assists, but the live chat has time limitations, it is not available 24/7. It also provides an app store extension for the store.
  • Weebly: Weebly is another good place to look for when you want to establish your online store. The store offers 24/7 support feature but it does not provide POS feature and there are different store keeping programs that can be chosen from.
  • Square Space: Though this website does not have any transaction fees, it offers store owners with limited features. The reason it is amongst the top 5, is that it is quite trustable.

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