Consider these eCommerce models before selling online

9 Aug , 2017 Articles

Consider these eCommerce models before selling online

Before you start an online business, you need to decide on so many things; the products you want to sell, how you plan on utilizing affiliate marketing and so much more.

You should also consider eCommerce model before you start selling online. Your business needs a model, so you have to the best one for your business. For you to get the best model for your business, you have to learn about various models and then decide on the one that would be best for your online business.

In this post, I would give you five eCommerce models that you should consider before selling online.

  1. The subscription model. The subscription model is a very popular model. It is popular because it is convenient the seller and the customer. It is convenient for the customer and the seller because the customer would not have to worry about repurchasing the same product every month. The customer is charged monthly, and as long as their subscription is still on, the services or products will be available to them.
  1. The Freemium model. Don’t get scared; Freemium is a coined word gotten from free and premium. The freemium model is a popular eCommerce model. In the Fremium case, the company will offer free and paid services to the customers. The company would give out basic services for free, and the premium services will be priced.
  1. The direct sales model. The direct sales model is not a very popular model. This model relies on people who want to supplement their income. This model allows those people to sell your product while they look for another job. It is like affiliate marketing because you need to pay the people that sell for you commissions and you have to offer them a flexible schedule.
  1. The marketplace model. The marketplace model is the model that depends on bringing the supply and demand of a service or product together. Your business doesn’t need to hold any inventory; your suppliers will hold the inventory. Example of companies that use the marketplace model is Uber and Airbnb. Uber offers transportation, but they don’t own any car. Airbnb provides lodging to their customers, but they don’t own any properties.
  1. The on-demand model. The on-demand e-commerce model depends on the immediate needs of its customers. The on-demand model depends mostly on technology and the ability to provide goods or services quickly. The model is about providing fast goods and services when customers need them.

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