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It’s a proven fact; over 90% of all consumers do an online search before heading out the door the directory index home and shopping locally.

But too often, these consumers have difficulty in finding the local business that they are searching for.

Quite often, there are a multitude of business directories available to them…

But too often, these directories are too broad, and do not present the local shopper with those local businesses that are right around the corner…

And have the exact products and services that the local shopper is looking for.

That is what we do here at the Directory Index… Get you the information that you are looking for with the right local company carrying the exact products and services you are looking for.

┬áThe Directory Index – Your One Stop Location…

Here at the Directory index, we not only get you over to the right local business; but we also provide you with other tips and tricks on shopping, local deals, and other useful information to make your local business search as easy as possible.

So take a few minutes, give us a quick look, and browse around the site. You’ll be surprised at the resources available to you; and best of all, they are all absolutely free.

We’ll get you over to the local businesses you are looking for; and hopefully make your search a little easier and more entertaining along the way.